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Foundation Cracks

Have you noticed a crack in your foundation?

There two main types of cracks in Minneapolis and St. Paul; vertical and horizontal cracks.

Vertical cracks are usually non-structural cracks that occur during the freeze-thaw cycle. The concrete expands and contracts and will result in cracks in your blocks. Sealing up these cracks is a good way to waterproof your basement.

Horizontal cracks located on your foundation are an indicator of a structural problem. Repairing these cracks as soon as possible will prevent possible foundation failure.

These types of cracks usually occur as a result of pressure building up on the outside of the wall. This increasing pressure is often the result of water in the surrounding soils. Have a professional relieve the pressure on the walls by installing a French drain. This will direct water away from the foundation.

Another method of reinforcing your wall is core filling. This method will solidify your block foundation, making it similar to a poured foundation.

Call us today at (651) 285-6261 to inspect the cracks in your basement. Making sure your foundation cracks are repaired properly will save you money and headaches in the long run.

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