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Minneapolis Concrete Repair & Minneapolis Waterproofing 

Concrete Anchor
Drain tile in Minneapolis homes is the best way to waterproof.


Don't tolerate a damp basement. Moisture that gets trapped in your basement can lead to the growth of toxic mold putting your whole family at risk.


It's never too late to act. We can waterproof even the wettest basements with a variety of products and services, and turn them into dry, comfortable rooms of your home. 

Minneapolis concrete certification
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Your house was built from the ground up. It's important to make sure that is has a strong foundation. Many factors can lead to your foundation cracking or shifting over time. 


We are here to help. We can fix the damage and use proven techniques of house leveling and wall repair to prevent future issues. Contact us today for a free in-home inspection.

Carbon Fiber foundation repair
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We are located next to the MN State Fairgrounds and are proud to be a locally owned business.  We are St. Paul and Minneapolis concrete repair experts.


We stand behind all of our work. We also offer 24 hour emergency service for the really wet days. Minneapolis waterproofing is our specialty. 

Minneapolis Concrete
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